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Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Support for your child’s regulation, motor skills, coordination, sensory processing, and/or activities of everyday living. Sessions are family focused and collaborative support, recognizing you know your child best.

Sessions will include parent involvement and be in your home, community or virtual. Sessions may start with more of a parent collaboration model. This is only available to those living in Wisconsin.


Get support for your newborn to toddler in any of the following areas:




  • Tummy time and play skills

  • Motor milestone development

  • Asymmetry in positioning or crawling 

  • Sensory processing

  • Social emotional development

  • Managing challenging behaviors 

  • Understanding your child’s cues and communication 

  • Early bonding 

  • Co-regulation - Supporting your calm as the parent 

Transitioning to Solids:

  • Feeding readiness skills

  • Oral motor skills

  • Baby-led, responsive feeding

  • Understanding your baby’s feeding cues

  • Self-feeding and utensil use

  • Reducing mealtime stress

  • Food selection and progression

  • Introducing cup and straw drinking

  • Management of mealtime behaviors 

  • Working through feeding challenges (i.e. picky eating, food refusal, overstuffing, gagging, coughing, etc)

  • Support for parent stress or anxiety around mealtimes or starting solids 

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