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“Why didn’t anyone tell us that?!” 


As a pediatric Occupational Therapist, I have heard that line over and over in regards to supporting their child. Unfortunately, there is a lot of noise out there and things being sold to you that will “help your child’s development” that actually get in the way of it. And then postpartum care that barely exists. We’re juggling a lot on our own. 

Hi! I’m Lindsay.

I’m a mama, wife and pediatric occupational therapist.

I worked for over 9 years supporting kids who are “developing differently” (diagnosis or not) working through their difficulties - emotionally, physically, sensory, and/or behaviorally - to improve day-to-day functioning & happiness.


In my OT work, I saw the gap of what was missing for these kids - a solid foundation. This foundation begins in the first year. As a mom, I’ve realized so much education around what supports baby development is missing when we give birth. And when parents don’t have this information, and then babies don’t have the solid foundation for growth and development from the start, things can get wobbly - emotionally, physically, and often, therefore, behaviorally. 


Luckily, this empowering information is here for you to support your child. 


Combine my career, passion, and personal experience -  I now guide pregnant and early postpartum mamas to trust themselves and trust their babies while they create a solid foundation for growth and development and connection for both mama and baby to thrive. 


When supporting babies, we can’t leave out the mamas. You’re a dyad from the start - you and your baby. And it’s important you understand attachment, what’s going on for you and your baby, and find the support you need during this amazing and challenging time. 


I believe postpartum can be more than just surviving but thriving. 

Ready to get started?

I provide a variety of services for parents and babies. Click the button below to book a free 20 minute discovery call with me, or check out my main offerings page to help you decide what's right for you. 


Why would I work with you while I'm pregnant? 

This is the best time to work with me or join a mama group when we have them! It helps you prepare your mind, heart, and home to have tools and knowledge to bond and support your baby from day one. It builds your confidence and helps you know what truly matters for setting up your baby for success. 

I want to be part of one of the mama groups. Do they run year round? 

At this time, they run at different times throughout the year. Some are Mama Baby Groups, some Pregnancy Groups, and vary between online or in person. If you have one you're interested in but don't see it offered now, or have a fresh idea you'd love to see, please reach out! Or get on the email list to stay in the loop

How is what you cover for pregnant mamas different from a birth class? 

Birth classes (especially private/out of hospital ones) are great! And they prepare you for birth and newborn procedures, maybe a little baby care basics. I don’t cover how to change a diaper or bathe your baby but do cover ways to support their development from an OT lens. We cover things such as how to set up your home environment for growth, how to engage and bond, what play looks like, coregulation with your baby and so much more. Basically how to confidently support your baby (and you) to thrive. 

My baby is only rolling one direction, do they need OT? 

Great that you are looking at symmetry in their body and movements. This alone does not mean a child needs OT but a quick 20 minute call could provide an idea or two to support them and help us determine if further exploration is needed. It's free! 

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