Education & Events

Gain skills and knowledge around child development, coregulation, and more. Connect with other parents, build community with like-minded mamas, and feel supported in raising thriving children. Stay in the know about new events before they launch here!


The following are offered throughout the year

  • Mama Baby Groups (offered locally and occasionally online)

  • Pregnancy Circle 

  • Presentations 

  • MADE for This Course 

Possible Presentation Offerings:   

  • Best building blocks for babies within the home or daycare setting 

  • Supporting emotional intelligence within the home, classroom or daycare setting 

  • Sensory processing and regulation within the home, classroom or daycare setting 

  • Preventing and supporting picky eaters 

  • Showing up for your kids in a way that feels good - Caregiver Support 

  • Reducing the environment’s toxic load to support physical and emotional growth 

  • Connection and coregulation for caregivers 

  • And more upon request