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Education & Events

Gain skills and knowledge around child development, coregulation, and more. Connect with other parents, build community with like-minded mamas, and feel supported in raising thriving children. Stay in the know about new events before they launch here!


The following are offered throughout the year

  • Mama Baby Groups (offered locally and occasionally online)

  • Pregnancy Circle 

  • Presentations 

  • MADE for This Course (Coming soon!)

Possible Presentation Offerings:   

  • Best building blocks for babies within the home or daycare setting 

  • Supporting emotional intelligence within the home, classroom or daycare setting 

  • Sensory processing and regulation within the home, classroom or daycare setting 

  • Preventing and supporting picky eaters 

  • Showing up for your kids in a way that feels good - Caregiver Support 

  • Reducing the environment’s toxic load to support physical and emotional growth 

  • Connection and coregulation for caregivers 

  • And more upon request 

Upcoming Events & Offerings

Mama Baby Group 

Tuesdays 10-11:15am 
May 2- 23
Middleton, WI 


Join us to meet other mamas, learn a little something about your baby, and ask any development, baby, or mama questions you have! Each group is led by a Pediatric Occupational Therapist covering a variety of developmental or mama topics each week (see below). This is a non judgemental space for open discussion, questions, and learning from each other.

Drop-in or join us for all four weeks (at a discounted price)! 


May 2 

Foundations for meeting milestones 

May 9

Sensory and Play 

May 16

Calm mama, calm baby and bonding

(regulation, coregulation, attachment) 

May 23 

Sleep and Prep for feeding 


Please join us even if this is over naptime, feeding time, etc. It is hard to find a perfect time to meet for everyone AND you are completely welcome to feed, change diapers, or let your baby sleep during our time together - there will be so much to learn within each group! And of course, mama connection is so valuable! 

For drop-ins, must register the Monday before by 4pm 

Minimum of 4 duos needed to run each week 

Untitled design (7).jpg

The focus of this group is to provide ideas and tools to feel confident, connected, and curious, supporting a solid foundation for your baby

(and you) to thrive. 

More details on registration page 

with drop-in option

Pregnancy Circle 

Community and connection with other mamas who are currently pregnant. Learn with a Pediatric Occupational Therapist what babies actually need once they arrive and how to create the space for you both to grow and thrive together. This dives much deeper than a Newborn 101 class, discussing a multitude of topics with room for conversation and connection. 

More details on registration page 

May 4, 7 & 9

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