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Education & Events

Gain skills and knowledge around child development, coregulation, and more. Connect with other parents, build community with like-minded mamas, and feel supported in raising thriving children. Stay in the know about new events before they launch here!


The following are offered throughout the year

  • Mama Baby Groups (offered locally and occasionally online)

  • Pregnancy Circle 

  • Beyond Your Birth Class

    • Online, self-paced course for mamas in their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th trimester​

  • Presentations 

Possible Presentation Offerings:   

  • Best building blocks for babies within the home or daycare setting 

  • Supporting emotional intelligence within the home, classroom or daycare setting 

  • Sensory processing and regulation within the home, classroom or daycare setting 

  • Preventing and supporting picky eaters 

  • Showing up for your kids in a way that feels good - Caregiver Support 

  • Reducing the environment’s toxic load to support physical and emotional growth 

  • Connection and coregulation for caregivers 

  • And more upon request 

Free Webinar

5 Things
OTs want you to know BEFORE you meet your baby to
support their development and mother confidently

There is a LOT of unhelpful information out there.

And just a lot of information to sift through! Knowing who or what to trust in your already busy life can lead to overwhelm or just doing what everyone else is doing. 


Fortunately, you don’t need to “do” a lot of things to your baby to support their development! 

In fact, we often just need to get out of the way! 


What does this look like?


Well here are 5 starting points to get you going, mothering confidently, and supporting your baby to meet their milestones! 

Upcoming Events & Offerings

Live online Saturday, February 24th 
9am-10am CST 

Following link will also get you the recording 

Introducing solids to your little one can be an exciting but daunting experience. This Preparing for Baby-Led Feeding webinar aims to take the anxiety out of this new phase of your child's development. Lindsay Williamson, occupational therapist, will guide you through the process, helping you understand how to prepare for the introduction of solid foods, when to start, and how to create a long lasting, positive eating environment. The goal is to support you in making the most of this experience, ensuring your child becomes a robust, confident eater with you as their confident leader. This gives you the tools to navigate this important milestone with ease and enjoyment! 


Join Lindsay Williamson, Occupational Therapist and owner of Root to Raise for this live webinar! Great for those with babies around 6 months or younger (as the general recommendation for feeding is 6+ months).

Offering NOW! 

Beyond Your Birth Class

Self-paced, online course 

Mamas have the most important job in the world.

But in our world it can be so much to navigate between harmful advice on development, unhelpful and overwhelming information on the internet, and societal push to prioritize work, bouncing back and creating a baby that doesn’t need us, over connecting with and nurturing our babies.

This can make us feel like we’re failing because there is no way we can sift through all the noise and do it all. 

Postpartum (and beyond) doesn’t have to be a time of your life that you just survive. 


Fortunately, thriving babies don’t require much.

It can be quite simple when you understand a few things about development and what babies actually need.

And when you cut out the noise of society and projections from others, you can get back to your roots, access your intuition, listen to your baby and provide them with what they need without being completely overwhelmed or doubting yourself. 


This course provides education, tangible tools, and support to simplify the first year and beyond so you can create the foundation for you & your baby to thrive!

Parent Baby Groups  

Jan 15-Feb 19


Join this warm and supportive community dedicated to enhancing the bond and confidence between parents and their precious little ones! Hosted by a Pediatric Occupational Therapist to guide you through engaging activities and provide valuable insights into fostering a strong foundation for your baby's development while connecting other parents in a similar stage.


Please join us even if this is over naptime, feeding time, etc. It is hard to find a perfect time to meet for everyone AND you are completely welcome to feed, change diapers, or let your baby sleep during our time together - there will be so much to learn within each group! And of course, parent connection is so valuable! 


Minimum of 4 duos needed to run, capped at 9 duos 

Untitled design (7).jpg

Another group in Verona March 26-April 30th,

will go up in price

Preparing for Postpartum 

“I’ve been dying to get back to you about the workbook. It’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! It really puts lots of things into perspective for moms to be! Especially the things that are not usually brought up when it comes to preparing for the birth and the postpartum period but can be the most important. This is a workbook unlike most I have seen. From the prompts you have provided, like the partner communication, to reminding the mother that she has the power to choose. Moms are going to truly benefit from this great piece!”

  • Dr A, expecting mama and Chiropractor

“This guide prompted conversations with my husband we hadn’t considered with our first baby- still very useful the second time around! Not an overwhelming “to-do” list, but a helpful place to collect thoughts and help prepare for a smooth transition with a new babe.”

  • KM, mama expecting her 2nd

This makes a great Baby Shower gift! 

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