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You deserve to rest, bond, and heal. Preparing for another human joining your home is a lot. Asking for help can be hard.

This workbook is designed to help you prepare for the transition into the 4th trimester, whether this is your first, third or fourth baby.

It helps you and your family get on the same page, provides tools to ask for help, and creates conversation to help the transition and preparation for the arrival of your new little one. Completing this workbook helps you to do more than just survive postpartum.

(This also makes a great babyshower gift!)


“I’ve been dying to get back to you about the workbook. It’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! It really puts lots of things into perspective for moms to be! Especially the things that are not usually brought up when it comes to preparing for the birth and the postpartum period but can be the most important. This is a workbook unlike most I have seen. From the prompts you have provided, like the partner communication, to reminding the mother that she has the power to choose. Moms are going to truly benefit from this great piece!”

  • Dr A, expecting mama and Chiropractor 


“This guide prompted conversations with my husband we hadn’t considered with our first baby- still very useful the second time around!. Not an overwhelming “to-do” list, but a helpful place to collect thoughts and help prepare for a smooth transition with a new babe.”

  • KM, mama expecting her 2nd

Preparing for Your Postpartum Workbook

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