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Root to Raise

Empowering mamas + Building baby's foundation.
Simplifying development to bring

connection and confidence

to raising strong, thriving babies. 

Creating Foundations

I know that as a new mom, you want to connect with your baby, give them the best chance at life, and do everything in your power to build a solid foundation for them to grow and develop into a well-functioning child and beyond.

The problem is that everyone has an opinion about what you should do, it’s tricky to figure out which bloggers to trust, and you simply don’t have time or energy to read the parenting books. And as a mom, myself, I know this can make you feel afraid,

inadequate, isolated, and unprepared.

I also understand that YOU are the expert on your baby.

You deserve to bond with your baby and help with their foundational skills with more confidence, less stress, and without breaking the bank!

Mother and Baby

Knowledge - Connection - Growth

What if you could...

  • Stop the endless Google search for what’s right and wrong for your baby

  • Learn how to understand your baby and fill in the gaps of managing infancy and toddlerhood that your birth class didn’t cover

  • Find peace of mind that you’re following evidence-based best practices that are safe and effective for your child

  • Have trusted resources to refer to when times get hard?

Hi there!

I’m Lindsay. 

As a pediatric Occupational Therapist, I have witnessed so many parents hush their intuition because of well-meaning doctors, partners, friends, parents, or societal messaging. Most of what I saw and heard, could have been addressed and conquered in those early months of development, if only the mama had a little bit of support and the right resources to turn to.  

I understand that there is no guide to taking care of babies. But there is lots of noise on the internet on how you should do things. I’m passionate about supporting mamas in trusting themselves and their babies, because baby development can be simple even though it isn’t intuitive for all of us. 

That’s why I’ve developed these services. As a mom and a professional, I'm thinking of you, your mental health, and how to set up your baby for success. 



Get support and education before baby arrives. 

Prepare your home, head and heart for understanding and supporting baby and you.

You are the expert on your baby but I'm here to reduce the overwhelm & support foundational skills that allow you to watch growth blossom. 

Skilled pediatric OT services for those needing a little extra support with milestones, vision, feeding and more.



Lindsay is such a blessing. It’s my fourth baby but her knowledge and willingness to investigate alternative ways and to encourage natural ways of supporting my family is just inspiring. She is going to change so many people’s lives and help so many kiddos.

- K.S., mama of four

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