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Exclusive Services

Education + Empowerment.

Hands on and conversational. 

What can we cover? 

All things mama and baby. 
Simplify development.
Stop stressing milestones.
Create a strong foundation for baby.
Connect to baby from the start. 
Ease in postpartum. 

Creating solid foundations for baby development 

  • What fosters growth, how to build their brain, establishing your baby’s core (foundation), sleep, feeding readiness, and more


Creating success through your environment

  • Necessary (and unnecessary) baby equipment, (un)swaddling, tummy time success, sleep set up, babywearing, sensory play, reducing toxic load, toys, screens, and more 


Bonding and attachment

  • What supports the bond, how to bond quickly, understanding baby’s cues and communication 


Mama matters

  • Honoring your motherly intuition, what is co-regulation, how does your energy impact baby, 4th trimester boundaries, feeding success, partner bonding, birth’s impacts on development, realistic expectations, and more


Discerning what's best for you and your family within a judgment-free zone. Honoring that you are the expert of your baby.

Services for you

See if we're a fit 

All services are available online

but can be in-person, based on location near the Madison, WI area. 

You will receive a written summary after each session.

Thanks for being willing to learn more about supporting your child, trusting yourself, & creating a
solid foundation for you both to thrive! 

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