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Development Consult

This is a unique opportunity for you to bring any questions or concerns around your child's development. This is a time to discuss, troubleshoot, learn general development support strategies, and feel empowered. 

If you have been told to "wait and see" about a concern, and that's not sitting right in your mama gut, let's chat. 

Nurture your baby or toddler’s development and your confidence in supporting your child. Great too, if you're finding your toddler behaviors challenging, finding it difficult to regulate yourself, or regulate with your child.

Development Consults can be proactive, working together in pregnancy or postpartum to bring confidence and connection from the start for a strong thriving baby. 

This can be online or in-person, and is especially appropriate for those under three years.

Lindsay & David Newborn - Summer 2023-107.jpg

The following can be addressed in a Development Consult 

  • What you need to know about developmental milestones

  • Ways to support your baby to move them through milestones without tracking each milestone

  • Ideas for engaging your baby and play ideas

  • Break down tummy time to make it easy in your home 

  • Understand what baby equipment and toys are not needed and which ones can be used in supportive ways 

  • Precrawling skills 

  • Plagiocephaly prevention 

  • What attachment looks like in the first year 

  • Preparing for solid food introduction 

  • Preparing to breastfeed  

  • Preparing for Matrescence (the transition to motherhood)

  • Coregulation 

  • And more! 

*This is not OT services and there will be no direct treatment with your child. Interested in OT services? Click here to explore offerings

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