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All things mama and baby. 
Simplify development.
Stop stressing milestones.
Create a strong foundation for baby.
Connect to baby from the start. 
Ease in postpartum. 

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Saturday, April 15th 10am-11am 

Baby Wearing 101

Join us as we simplify baby wearing so you’re confident and comfortable using this beneficial tool with your babies and toddlers. This class is designed for expecting parents, parents or caregivers wanting to babywear, or those currently baby wearing babies or toddlers that want to make sure everything is set up safely.

It will cover the benefits of baby wearing, safety considerations, the different types of carriers, and how to get more comfortable carrying. 

Babies in arms are welcome

Middleton, WI Adio Chiropractic 


Mama Baby Group Offered May 2023! 
Pregnancy Group offered May 2023! 


Connect with mamas in a similar stage and learn best strategies for supporting

your baby's brain and body development! 

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