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Introducing foodsd to your little one can be an exciting but daunting experience. This Preparing for Baby-Led Feeding webinar aims to take the anxiety out of this new phase of your child's development. Lindsay Williamson, occupational therapist, will guide you through the process, helping you understand how to prepare for the introduction of solid foods, when to start, and how to create a long lasting, positive eating environment. The goal is to support you in making the most of this experience, ensuring your child becomes a robust, confident eater with you as their confident leader. This gives you the tools to navigate this important milestone with ease and enjoyment! 


Join Lindsay Williamson, Occupational Therapist and owner of Root to Raise for this live webinar! Great for those with babies around 6 months or younger (as the general recommendation for feeding is 6+ months). 


JOIN LIVE and ask questions

Saturday, February 24th 

9am CST

And/Or get the link for the recording! 

Preparing for Baby-Led Feeding

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