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Are you an expecting mother who keeps turning to Google or Instagram to “prepare” yourself for this baby, only to see lots of contradicting information and heated moms in mom groups which leaves you spinning about who you can actually trust? 


Are you a freshly postpartum mama wondering if you’re doing the right thing to support your baby’s growth and set them up for success?


Or wondering if you’re comforting your baby in a way that will grow their emotional intelligence?

Of course you want what's best for your baby.

But what is best

Society makes mothering


Everyday, experienced and new mamas wonder if they are prepared and ready for the arrival of this next baby

  • Did I register for the right things? 

  • Do I have the right monitor? 

  • Do I really need all this equipment that takes over my house? 

  • Will any of this make an impact on their milestones? 

  • Can I have a postpartum less challenging than with my last? 

  • I took a birth class, but where is the class about what to do with the baby? 

  • Do I know enough about supporting a baby to be a high functioning toddler and child?

  • How do I make sure we bond? 

  • Can I do this ?! Do I have enough to give?

  • Will I be able to breastfeed?

  • Will my baby be a “good sleeper”?

  • What’s the latest research on carriers and jumpers and…

  • Allllll the things??? 

But the quest for help often ends in more questions than answers.


There are so many decisions make!

From pregnancy and baby registries to birth and then what to even do with this little human you brought home. 


And then when mamas want to mother in ways that are different from their peers or their parents, it can feel a little bit isolating. Like when sleep training doesn’t sit right for you but that’s the only training your friends have done, what are your options if you don’t want to follow rigid plans or one-size-fits-all parenting? 


You try to talk to family or friends about your ideas only to get horror stories, pushback, and heavy judgment.  So you start to question your intuition and wonder where your tribe of mama friends are. There’s got to be a different way than what society and the baby industry shows us. 

The underlying tone of it all is disconnection. But all babies and mothers want to (and really need to for survival) do is connect, be close, nurture.  


I get it, there is a lot of noise out there!

Lots of “you SHOULD be doing it this way,” or making you feel like there is only one safe way when you know there have to be options. And SO. MUCH. Judgment.  And yes, it’s hard to know who or what to trust. 


On top of that, there are just a LOT of decisions to make as a parent! 

Wellllll, good news! 
It doesn't have to be this stressful or complicated! 

You can be that mama that has someone question you about how much you’re holding your baby and you don’t even question yourself because you know this is what’s right for you and your family. 


Imagine, enjoying your postpartum and beyond!


Feeling at ease with your baby and your parenting choices, knowing what’s best for YOUR baby and your family - with the confidence behind each choice you make because you understand the pros and cons to your decisions. 

Hi there, I’m Lindsay. Mama, wife, and pediatric Occupational Therapist for over nine years. 

I’m not here to tell you how to parent or create any sort of rigid structure. I’m here to support you leaning into your mama wisdom and watch you thrive with confidence in your choices for how you parent.


As a mama, I’ve seen the disempowering information mothers are fed. The lack of support that exists in postpartum. And the push to disconnect and separate from our little humans that are the most dependent mammals on the planet for a reason. 


As an OT, I was seeing the same underlying problem for pretty much every challenge that came through the door. Kids struggling with emotional regulation, coordination, sensory processing, strength, vision, etc. all needed to work on their foundation - their core strength. And guess what?!

This foundation is created in the first year of life. 


But if we follow what society tells us to do with our babies, we miss creating this solid foundation. 


I am a believer in being proactive about our health and wellness. So I have switched from being an OT that treats problems to being an OT that prevents problems by empowering mamas with the information you need for your baby to thrive from day one through childhood. Hence the birth of Root to Raise. 


Guiding you to mother your way, not JUST what’s been handed to us as “the way.” Combining education, tools, support, and community, with  my background in development and OT can provide evidence-based information for the decisions YOU make. 

Society and “experts” do not know better than you about what YOUR baby needs.

You just need the right resources to make informed decisions that feel good and honor your values.

You know best for your baby (yes, even if they’re still in utero). And deep down inside, you know this too.


Each mama is the expert on their own baby. You deserve a postpartum and motherhood that doesn’t have to be in constant survival mode. I believe you and your baby can thrive and enjoy this precious time in both of your lives! 


Beyond your Birth Class

This is a course for experienced and new mamas to make informed decisions about your birth, fourth trimester, supporting your baby, and beyond. 

This is not one-size-fits-all rigid programming.

This is a self-led course that gives you simplified information around what babies need and what supports mamas in 4th trimester and beyond, so that YOU can make the best choices based on your baby’s needs and your family’s specific situation and values. 

Leaving YOU the expert of your baby.  


The goal of Beyond Your Birth Class is to inform and give options, yes, with the lens of connection and bonding being a priority, Then you get decide what’s best for you and your baby. 


You will be the driver of all decisions when it comes to parenting and your baby’s overall wellbeing. 


You’ll learn different perspectives on parenting and development than you might not be hearing from your mom, SIL, or other mom friends, all within a space that is without judgment, but equipped with education. 


Education around what decisions to make so that you can feel like the good mom that you so long to be.

Understanding the emotional dynamics between the two of you to support bonding, connection, and attachment. 

When you enroll in Beyond Your Birth Class, you’ll get:

  • 6 Modules with 20+ lessons on ‘need to know,’ and ‘nice to know,’ topics that likely haven’t been touched on much in your birth class or appointments with healthcare providers (and likely won't be talked about with your pediatrician)

  • BONUS: A Postpartum Planning Workbook where you can keep track of the empowered decisions that you’ll make based on what you learn in the course AND Postpartum Planning modules 

  • BONUS: Webinar from a doula and fierce birth advocate - Fierce Lizzie 

  • BONUS: Pelvic floor support from a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist 

  • BONUS: Toxic load webinar to confidently create a safe home to bring your baby to - one that promotes health and well-being.

What other mamas experienced

“You will learn about practical, evidence-based ways to support development and attachment from a pediatric OT. You’ll discuss practices that are part of mainstream culture and learn different perspectives that they can take or leave.”

- Expecting 1st time mama

“Lindsay is incredibly knowledgeable. She gives advice that is gentle and non-judgemental. I have been anxious about caring for a newborn. The workshop changed my outlook - I feel a lot more prepared and excited to meet my baby.”

- Expecting first time mama

“My partner and I learned so much valuable information. We left feeling more confident about what our baby will need to develop holistically and able to sift through the noise of advice for new parents. Learning all of this alongside others in a similar phase of life was encouraging, as well. We are so excited to put this education into practice when our little one arrives!”

-HKMO, expecting 1st time mama

My decision to enroll as a second time mother

was simply wanting to thrive.

Personally wanting to thrive as a mom and not just survive, but also, investing in myself for the benefit of my child. My goal was to create as healthy of a mindset and environment as possible for me and baby to set us both up for success.

Joining this group encouraged connections with other women that were far more valuable that I could have imagined. It was a rich, supportive and validating experience to explore healthy baby development with like-minded women who also wanted support for themselves and their new babies. "

- Expecting her second, TA

"If you’re a first time mom, or a mom who wants to do things differently for their next child, this group is for you!

Navigating postpartum and parenting can be overwhelming, especially with the comments and unsolicited advice from others. This group not only equips you with the knowledge you want to be the best mama for your baby, but it provides a community of like minded mamas who support each other through any bumps along the way!
Thanks again for everything Lindsay, this was just what we needed to have the best foundation for journey together!"
- First time mama, BT

WilliamsonFamily(5of50) (1).jpg

I want to reiterate,
This is not just for first time mamas! 

This is for any mama that wants 

To navigate motherhood differently than society teaches you or than those around you

To have a better understanding of what helps babies thrive and/or eliminate some of the unknowns

To have a supported postpartum experience, connecting with your baby from the start 

To have a different postpartum experience than previously 

To build emotional resilience within their child

To create an atmosphere of connection and acceptance between herself and her child from the beginning

To be in control of her birth and postpartum experiences

It’s also great for mamas who have experienced or want to better understand ways to prevent assisted births such as via forceps, vacuum, or cesarean 

And lastly, postpartum mamas that want to support their baby’s development and connection!

A peak into the modules

You’ll learn so much from the perspective of a pediatric occupational therapist! 

1 - The perspective shift that every mama needs - This is more than realistic expectations for yourself, your baby, your time, and your space to heal and bond. We’ll explore how you can turn down the noise of the outside world and terrible societal advice and tune in to your heart during one of the most vulnerable and intimate times in your life. 

2 - How birth impacts development - We look at how nature designed us to birth and bond versus how modern medicine interrupts each step of the way. You’ll learn ideal situations for labor, delivery, and the immediate postpartum period along with risks associated with many routine but unnecessary interventions, and how to maintain control of the situation. 

3 - Is my baby normal? - Here, we dive into development from a therapeutic and functional perspective - not by charts and comparison. You’ll learn markers for appropriate growth and techniques for aiding their advancement. You’ll also flip sleep around and learn about safe sleep and how society’s got it all wrong. 

4 - What to do with baby - Congratulations. Baby’s home - now what? We’ll cover what to do, what not to do, what you need, and certainly what you don’t need to engage your newborn. It’s probably much simpler than you think. 

5 - What parents need to know about co-regulation - Did you know that your mood, energy, and emotional state greatly impact your baby’s behavior? This module will help you understand how to regulate yourself (and thus baby) when you’re overwhelmed, triggered, exhausted, irritable, or touched out. Because parenting is hard, even when they’re tiny and cute!

6 - Can I really spoil my baby? - Short answer: no. Here, you’ll learn to bond with your baby and set the stage early for open communication and connection that will last a lifetime. I’ll teach you to do the relationship dance that leads to creating a secure attachment and the role that hormonal ties play in setting the rhythm. 

Bonus - Preparing for Postpartum - All the things: preparing to breastfeed, setting boundaries, why you might not want visitors, communicating with your partner, protecting your mental health, honoring your physical self, and finding support through it all.  


So what's the investment? 

Beyond Your Birth Class provides education and support you are not getting at the doctor’s office or the “baby” section of your birth class. This program shows you the true foundational pieces of supporting your child’s development from an OT that has worked with hundreds of children through stages of development. And it’s not just about physical development, but emotional intelligence too. For you both


The “wait and see” method typically causes a lot more stress, time, and money. This can be avoided by investing early on in their development.

Now is the time.


It’s a small investment considering the impact on your postpartum experience and your baby’s foundation for the future. 

Beyond Your Birth Class is focused on building your confidence with tangible skills, leading to greater ease during this intense transition to motherhood. This trust in yourself ensues trust in your baby and your relationship. One of the best gifts of all. 


What is the value of that peace of mind to you? 


You can work with me one on one for $125 an hour, tailoring support specifically to your family.


With BYBC you get over 6 hours of content, valuable resources, and the unique perspective of a pediatric OT. We’ll cover everything you need to be the mom you want to be. 

Join us as we create trust in ourselves, in our baby for just $227. 

Bonuses just for you 

  • A Postpartum Planning Workbook where you can keep track of the empowered decisions that you’ll make based on what you learn in the course AND Postpartum Planning modules 

  • Webinar from Doula and fierce birth advocate 

  • Tips from a Pelvic Floor PT 

  • Toxic load webinar to confidently create a safe home to bring your baby to - one that promotes health and well-being.

Save your spot

You can sift through the noise, ignore your gut,

and just do what everyone else is doing. 

Continue in the land of

“you don’t know what you don’t know"

and winging it. 


YOU can feel empowered in the way you choose to support your baby.

Your baby is only this young once

and you've got one shot at a postpartum experience with this special child. 

You deserve more than survival. 

You and your baby can thrive through postpartum and beyond.

  • What's the ideal timing for taking the course?
    Ideal timing is second or third trimester. Otherwise under 3 months postpartum.
  • What if I’ve already had my baby but want to learn this stuff?
    Great! It is optimal to learn this content before baby is 4 months old. If your baby is older, we can connect over a discovery call (free) and see if working together in a different capacity would be beneficial
  • This isn’t my first baby, will I still get something out of this?
    Absolutely! Besides community, many 2nd time+ mamas in this group are looking to do things differently this time around, whether it be finding more ease in the fourth trimester, or experiencing sleep, feeding or navigating family differently. A free discovery call can help clarify things if you'd like!
  • How long do I have access to the course?
    As long as it’s around! So if you need a refresher in postpartum or for baby number 3, come on back!
  • Is there a refund policy?
    Sorry, no refunds
  • My friend is pregnant and would get so much out of this, can I gift this to her?
    Yes, great idea! You can gift this as a shower gift!

Still have questions?

Schedule a free 20 minute call !


You were Made for This.

When you join Beyond Your Birth class, you will be supported and empowered. You will find what feels right for you and your baby, and feel confident in following this.


The early days change so quickly and the adventure awaits. 


Learning more about baby development frees you to enjoy the small wins and stop tracking milestones, comparing your baby, or stressing over the small things. 


As you learn about attachment, you will learn more about yourself as a mama while setting the stage for resiclinancy and trust for your baby. 


When you know how little is needed in your home for your baby, it frees you from clutter, supports attention span and simple ways to engage


As you understand your own nervous systems and boundaries, you’ll see how coregulation impacts you and your entire family. 


When you do this in a judgment-free environment, surrounded by women who have similar parenting priorities, you get a priceless experience that creates a foundation you never knew could exist, for both your baby’s development and your motherhood experience. 

You are just the person chosen to support your baby. YOU are their expert. 


Mama, you were made for this!

Save your spot! 

I am here to provide information and encouragement in your parenting journey. I encourage you to think critically, take action, problem solve and advocate for your child and your parenting journey.  Participation in this group does not mean you are receiving occupational therapy services, you are receiving information that can benefit any typically developing child. This group is designed to prepare you for normal baby development and strategies to support their development. It is not all inclusive and does not guarantee your child will not need support, therapy or otherwise, in their lifetime. 

Medical Disclaimer 
This group is not providing medical advice. I encourage you to continue to think critically and explore topics further. I will remind you that you know your child best as you navigate advocating for your child. Always seek medical advice from your physician or development specialist if you have concerns for your child. This group cannot cover every possible abnormality or complication in early life development. The information in this group is designed to prepare you with knowledge of normal baby development, understanding that every baby is different and will have their own unique timeline. 

Testimonials are provided as examples from actual clients of what outcomes could be but are not guaranteed. 

This website is in no way sponsored, administered or associated with Facebook, Inc. or Instagram, Inc. 

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