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Supporting Your baby & Yourself
Beyond Your Birth Class

As a mom to a new baby,

you want to connect with them, give them the best chance at life, and do everything in your power to build a solid foundation for them to grow and develop into a thriving adult. 

Saturday, November 5th 


There's a lot of noise out there

Everyone has an opinion about what you should do

It’s tricky to figure out which bloggers, books, or podcasts to trust

You simply don’t have time or energy to read all the parenting books


And, as a mom myself, I know this can make you feel nervous, inadequate, isolated, and unprepared. 

I'm here to remind you, YOU are the expert on your baby

The MADE for This Workshop is for mamas that are pregnant and want evidence-based knowledge and tools to create a solid foundation for your baby from day one.


It will empower you with confidence and support your connection to your baby, knowing that YOU are the expert of your baby.


Because let’s face it, babies don't come with a manual. And knowing what will best support your baby's development is challenging to sift through.


Caring for your baby should be intuitive but unfortunately, it's not always with all the advice and noise. 


You’re not alone in your worries and wonders about “will I be a good enough mama?”  

But you deserve to bond with your baby from the start and create foundational skills with more confidence, less stress, and without breaking the bank!

I'm here to remind you, YOU are the expert
on your baby


Yes, I want this! 

In this workshop,

You will learn

The foundations of baby development, without overcomplicating it, from an OT.


Ideas and tools to support your baby meeting their milestones (with no tracking) so you can enjoy the process and celebrate the micro-milestones.


How to set up your home for them (and you) to thrive.


Basics of attachment and bonding. You are their secure base. 


Building your Mama toolbox and enhancing your motherly wisdom.

You will get

  • What you need to know, do, and have to create a solid start 

  • Four hours, live online workshop

  • Minimalist Gift Registry Example (what actually supports baby's development) 

  • Digital Workbook: 4th Trimester Planning 

  • Many tips and tricks for interacting with your baby and supporting yourself to be the best mama you can be

  • Confidence and ease in supporting your baby 

Register by November 2nd! 

"My decision to enroll with Lindsay as a second time mother was simply wanting to thrive.

Personally wanting to thrive as a mom and not just survive, but also, investing in myself for the benefit of my child.


My goal was to create as healthy of a mindset and environment as possible for me and baby to set us both up for success.

As a second time mom who values growth and learning, participating in this group felt completely validating in my previous struggles as a first time mom.

I was equally excited to apply the evidence-based materials from this group to my new babe and new postpartum experience. "

-Second time mama, T.A.

Beyond Your Birth Class Workshop was empowering and exciting. While I felt as if I had read a lot about the birth process and keeping my baby medically healthy when we got home, I didn't feel confident about supporting my baby and working with them to explore their world. There are so many books and blogs on parenting out there, I was overwhelmed!


Lindsay boiled things down and helped me feel encouraged and empowered to care for my baby's physical and mental development.

AB - Expecting 1st time mama

Bringing confidence & connection to the first year


Hi there, 

I’m Lindsay.

Mama, wife, pediatric occupational therapist.


As a pediatric OT, most of what I saw and heard working with kiddos who had challenges could have been addressed and conquered in those early months of development, if only mom had a little bit of support at the start and the right resources to turn to.


I understand that there is no guide to taking care of babies. But lots of ideas on what you should do things. I’m passionate about supporting mamas in trusting themselves and their babies, because baby development can be simple even though it isn’t intuitive for all of us. 


That’s why I’ve developed this workshop, as a mom and a professional thinking of you, your mental health, and how to set up baby for success. 


Getting back to our roots with foundational skills that build the base for growth, development, and connection. 

Happy Baby

What if you could...

Stop the endless Google search for what’s right and wrong for your baby
Learn how to understand your baby and fill in the gaps of managing the first year that your birth class didn’t cover
Find peace of mind that you’re following evidence-based best practices that are safe and effective for your child
Have trusted resources to refer to when times get hard

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this workshop appropriate for ? 

This workshop is best for pregnant mamas (partners are welcome too). Having this information and these tools prior to your child being born sets you up to create a solid foundation from the start. That being said, it's never to late to start supporting your child's foundational skills. If your baby is under four months, this information is still extremely relevant. Appropriate if this is your first baby or if you are a seasoned parent. 

I’m taking a birth class, do I really need this too ?


Yes, birth classes are all about birth (and so very important!), you might get some information on newborn procedures and basics of baby care. But this is all about what to do with your baby and how to best support brain and body development. We’ll also talk about you, mama, the one that is their secure base and co-regulator.  

What if this isn’t my first child ? 

That’s ok! Maybe you want to change up your parenting experiences after your first or even second child, but you don't exactly know how to make the change.  You might not know who to trust in making these changes or what will actually work for your family. You’re likely getting overwhelmed and afraid you’ll end up falling into the same patterns that you so badly want to change. That's why this program exists. You're M.A.D.E. for this and we will explore different supports and ideas that allow you to choose what feels best for you. If you've changed your mind on how you want to approach your new baby's sleep, feeding, general environment, boundaries with your family, etc. this workshop is for you. 


It doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Having foundational baby development knowledge can bring ease, support bonding, and really allow you to trust yourself and your baby.

Increase your confidence and lean into your intuition so you can parent
in a way that feels good for YOU.

Mama, you are the expert on your baby.
Supporting Your Baby Beyond Your Birth Class
Supporting Your Baby Beyond Your Birth Class
Information and tools for what to know, do, and have to create a solid foundation for your baby (and yourself). Empowered and confident postpartum and beyond.
Nov 05, 2022, 8:30 AM – 1:00 PM
Online Workshop
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