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Simple Swaps to Decreasing your Family's Toxic Load

It can feel pretty alarming to learn all the places toxins are lurking. Luckily we CAN do something about.

I want to reiterate - It is normal to feel a little bit overwhelmed when learning about this and attempting to make changes. AND every swap does make a difference.

This is a resource for helping you get started switching out a few products for "cleaner" ones.

Here’s a start:

One simple free step is taking your shoes off before you enter your home.

For the next swap to tackle, I recommend you consider the areas that you use frequently or come into a lot of contact with.

For example, laundry and/or cleaning products.

We wear and sleep in our laundry detergent. It’s what we’re smelling and breathing in all night long and all day long too.

Cleaning products cover a lot of surface area and we breathe it in (and eat it too - think dog licking the floor, baby licking windows, etc.).

And then there’s the heavy hitters - so these are things to ditch (or not buy more of when you run out): Candles, wall plug-ins, air fresheners, potpourri, dryer sheets, perfume.

Simple Swap Ingredients: Vinegar, baking soda + essential oils


Mirrors and Glass Cleaner -

DIY: Glass spray bottle filled with ¼ white vinegar, 20 drops of Lemon oil, and the rest water. Use microfiber cloth for wiping down. (Hate the smell of vinegar? Add some peppermint to mask it!)

Countertops, tubs, toilets, bathrooms, and surfaces -

DIY: Above recipe swap the Lemon for doTERRA’s On Guard or Abode oil.

Easy-buy: doTERRA’s OnGuard or Abode Cleaner Concentrate. Follow instructions on the bottle for dilution ratio.

Toilet bowls, showers, sinks -

DIY: Fill a jar with baking soda and add a 5-10 drops tea tree or Abode blend and shake. Sprinkle this into your toilet, tub, or sink and scrub with a rag or brush.

Room Freshener -

Diffuser and your favorite essential oils. Get rid of plugins, candles, lysol sprays, and potpourri. Or make a spray bottle with water, teaspoon witch hazel and 20 drops of your favorite essential oils (citrus especially great for clearing the air)

Simple diffuser blends we love: lavender, lemon, peppermint; or wild orange, ginger, ylang ylang; peppermint, OnGuard, frankincense; or Motivate + grapefruit


The typical laundry detergent contains about 13 dangerous chemicals, with dryer sheets being an even bigger offender.

Here’s some of my favorite healthy swaps for the laundry room:

doTERRA’s On Guard Detergent or Abode laundry pods for the washer, super effective and smells great! Extra stinky laundry? Add a few drops of Purify to eliminate odors!

-Are you still using fabric softener?

Swap that out with white vinegar in the washing machien! It works wonders and doesn’t make your laundry smell like vinegar. I like adding a few drops of Peppermint too.

-Swap your dryer sheets for wool dryer balls (sold on Etsy, Norwex or Amazon and often at local markets too) and add your favorite essential oils the balls too - Serenity or Purify are great ones!


First aid is another easy place to make some swaps. Here’s some things I keep handy:

Correct X: replaces Neosporin (without all the toxic crap/antibiotics that are in neosporin), use for cuts, scrapes, bruises, even chapped lips or hands!

Tea Tree: great cleaning properties. Use for any wound to keep it clean without stinging. Use on zits too!

Lavender: super healing to the skin (burns, rashes, scrapes), plus helps take away the itch from bug bites (pair it with tea tree)!

Deep Blue: great for all muscle and joint pain, use daily for chronic pain, proactively before a workout or to help soothe acute injuries. For kids, I prefer the Rescuer blend.

DigestZen or Tamer: helps to calm an upset stomach and discomfort

If you are thinking this is your "new way" of living and you'll be ordering essential oils frequently, here is the way to do it to get the most bang for your buck.

Remember, each swap is a win! I'm so proud of you for being here and prioritizing this for you and your family! Please reach out with any questions!


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